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16 August 2014 @ 11:45 pm
So as you know by now after all the hosting issues we were having over at Grande-caps, we have decided to merge with, which is a great screencap website that has been around for about 2 years.

Regrettably, I have decided not to go over with the merger. I just could not face uploading all those files for a third time then inserting them into the galleries. It is very time-consuming and I think the biggest issue we had over at Grandecaps is that we just got too big. I am going to miss capping with all the peeps over at Grande. They were the coolest and nicest people to ever roam the internets.

Because I am not going over to my caps will not be there either. I don't want to lose these altogether (they represent three years of hard graft) so as I had most of them uploaded to mediafire already I am going to continue to make them avail via download. There will not be anymore galleries for these caps. Eventually there will be an index over at for those downloads but for the moment there is a link in my sidebar for my mediafire account. Not everything is uploaded to the account yet but will be shortly.

I am also not going to stop capping. I am starting up my own little site called where I will be posting in the future. I am not going to be capping as many shows as I did at Grande however, I am going to up the cap amount per episode to around 2200 and they will not be sorted. I am also going to exclusively cap in 1080p (unless I can only get 720p) I won't be capping DVD anymore. I am going to probably re-cap some of my fav shows as well in a higher resolution. When I do that, I will be deleting the older Grande files.

I am hoping that less shows + more caps = longer shelf life for the site.

I will not be accepting requests at the moment. However, I will accept suggestions of shows to cap. If I get enough of the same requests I might get interested and start capping. Or if I see a lot of it on my Tumblr dashboard.

So I will be posting at but also crossposting to LJ and Tumblr so If you like what you see, feel free to follow my LJ site caprite and/or tumblr Apologies at he moment. I am still playing with themes and formats for all of the sites.